About Us

About Us

RV distribution Company founded by Rinku Mandal and Later joined by Anup Mondal in 2019 with vision to provide complete solutions to Musical Instrument Customers. Rinku Mandal spent 14 years in distribution network with top MNC’s like Yamaha Music India, Sennheiser Electronics, Gitanjali Gems, and Titan Industries. Anup Mandal has deep knowledge and working experience more than 15 years in Finance and Operations.

Our Values


Customer first: Customers take precedence over all else, always.

People make the brand: RV Distribution members are at the heart of our success and that is why their dreams and aspirations are at the forefront of our company policy.

Culture and teamwork: High performance is a way of life.

Creativity and innovation: Driven by innovation and creativity, we focus on smarter approaches and innovative ideas.

Passion for excellence: In all our pursuits, we ceaselessly strive for excellence

Our Network

More than 200 dealers across INDIA

Music Teachers

Academic Schools

Defence Bands

Recording Studios

Rental Companies


Our Expertise

SalesThe key to any sales strategy is to identify beneficial resources to run the business. Our sales team, reviews, plans and gains insight and understanding of our industry, our customers, the market and more. The purpose is to develop in-depth understanding of the target consumer- their motivations, perceptions, fears and preferences. At RV Distribution we always sought new product ideas with the team. The qualitative exploration serves to identify new product/brand possibilities as well as refine the target- market definition for those possibilities. People make the brand

MarketingWith RV Distribution’s nifty brand portfolio it is essential to have strong presence in the media and the news. With a committed marketing force at RV Distribution, it is even more convenient to gain presence over print, digital and social media platforms. Their enthusiasm is what makes every launch or collaboration look grand and their efforts to maximize branding opportunities along with visual merchandising and display adds more glamour to each brand.