Do Instrument Cable’s Specs Matter?

Always ask you dealer when buying cable for your instrument.

1. Wire Gauze and Material,

2. Shielding Coverage

3. Connectors

Conductors/Wire – Gauze and Material

Conductors of appropriate size and material preserve the integrity of electrical transfer through the cable from the original source. Should the conductor be too small or made of inferior conductive metals, the audio signal will encounter more resistance and the sound will change. So 100% Pure Copper with less than 24 AWG is most preferable

Shielding Coverage

Shielding in Instrument cables becomes much more important because their levels are low. The more noise they pick up, the more it gets amplified when boosted by a preamp. Braided Shielding with minimum 90% is most preferable in Instrument Cables


If there is any part of the connector that can most influence the sound, it’s likely to come from the solder point. Should the solder point break or degrade, you’re sure to experience less than desirable influences on your sound. So always look for quality Connectors with proper Soldering.


Better cables gives better sound, Rapco Horizon comes with all Neutrik Connectors which are quite reliable, 100% Pure Copper Conductors/Wire which give noise free sound. Braided shield protects oxygen flow in cables.


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