We have found ten different violins that could be what you’re looking for. We have specifically selected affordable instruments, so that you can start playing without breaking the bank. We have tried our hardest to find popular violins, and have read through hundreds of reviews in order to find the best ones.

We realize that not everybody wants to spend a lot of money on an instrument if they’re not sure how long it will be used for (some beginners will of course stop playing after a while), but we recommend spending as much as you can afford since the quality of the instruments generally will get better the more you pay.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind, both when selecting and taking care of your quality instrument, and we have gathered all the information you need as a beginner.

Keep these things in mind when buying the best beginner violin for you:

Sound: Which violin sounds the best in my opinion?
Accessories: What things are included with my violin purchase and what other things will I need to buy?
Looks: Which color and style do I want?
Quality: How much and for how many years do I plan to use this violin, and how high quality does the violin need to be for my needs?
Expert tip: When changing your strings, change them one at a time, since the bridge isn’t attached to the violin but just pressed into place by the strings.

Did you know? That a violin’s sound may change with time and will become more beautiful the more you play it?

Let’s take a look at ten violins we think you should consider in your hunt for the perfect instrument.

1. Stentor 1400

Stentor 1400

Our first violin is the Stentor 1400, a classic beginner’s violin that is also a kids violin! If you want a violin in a smaller size this one is worth your consideration. It’s available in all the smaller sizes, 3/4, 1/3, 1/2, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 and 1/64. It’s everything your child needs to get started playing the violin, for a reasonable price. A bow and a lightweight case are included. We would recommend this kids violin especially in the smaller sizes for smaller kids.

When kids start playing the violin the focus lies on teaching them how to hold the violin and bow properly and how to stand with correct posture, learning how to play on one string at a time and so on, so you don’t really need an extraordinary sounding quality instrument for little children unless they’re child prodigies, they won’t be playing difficult things in the beginning anyway.

This solid maple and spruce violin looks good and will give the kids the feeling that it’s a ‘real’ violin. Its top is made from spruce and the sides and back from maple, just like many other violins. The fingerboard is made from blackened rosewood, which is quite oily and a good material for fingerboards, however ebony would be preferred, but for this price we can’t really complain!

+ Available in many sizes for kids
+ Affordable
+ Case and bow included

Why We Liked It - This is a good violin to buy for kids. You don’t want to spend too much on a violin for a growing child since it will need to be replaced once in a while. This violin might not be the best sounding instrument of all times, but it gives your child everything it needs to learn the basics of violin playing. A bow and a case are included so that you don’t have to buy them separately.

- Low quality strings
- No Violin Shoulder Rest included


2. Stentor 1550

Stentor 1550

Let’s move on to number two, an epic Stentor Violin. This is a good violin for adult and teenage beginners that need a good full-size violin. Its hand carved and crafted with full ebony fittings and a solid spruce top and solid maple back. Spruce is a solid wood that is good for the top and maple is harder, good for the sides and back. These are the most common materials for string instruments and are proved to be good both for practical reasons and sound wise.

The violin is very good-looking with a fiery red color and shellax clear lacquer finish. A bow and a deluxe case with an instrument blanket and shoulder rest compartment are included.

This is the best violin on our list sound wise and it’s definitely money well spent, it’s actually possible to play proper music on this violin, which cannot be said for all budget options. It has a pretty, rich tone and the high notes are well sounding, not as squeaky as many other cheap violins can be. The Stentor Violin is definitely the cream of the crop!

Check out this video review to hear what a professional violin player thinks about it and listen to it being played!

Stentor Conservatoire (1550) | Violin Review

Watch this video on YouTube

+ Good sound
+ Affordable
+ Full-size
+ Bow and deluxe case included
+ Great array of colored violins!
+ Full Ebony fittings

Why We Liked It - If you are serious about your violin playing but don’t want to spend too much money on an exclusive violin this is the one to go for! It’s everything you need as a beginner or amateur musician, and we believe that you will be using it for quite a few years before you need to upgrade, if you ever will feel that need. A bow and a deluxe case are included as well.

- No shoulder rest included


3. Crescent Starter

Crescent Starter

If you’re an adult beginner that don’t really care about the quality of the violin and just want something that works this might be the violin for you! Its incredibly cheap and pretty good value considering that you get a bow, a rosin, a case and a tuner with it. Just get a shoulder rest and you’re good to go!

Funnily enough this violin looks like it could be way more expensive than it is, it’s actually beautiful and feels really nice, however you will never be able to play advanced music on it.

This violin can be a good option if you’re one of those people that sometimes try a new hobby for a few weeks and then lose interest and go on to something else. It’s good that there are violins like this on the market so that anybody who wants one can afford one.

We’ve noticed that some people even buy violins to simply use as ornaments at home, and this violin could definitely work for that, because it looks great.

+ Full-size violin
+ Good for adult beginners, known as a student violin.
+ Very affordable

Why We Liked It - Everybody loves a bargain right? Especially people who just want to try something out before they invest a lot of money! This instrument lets you try out violin playing without breaking the bank. Sure, it’s more like a toy for adults, but sometimes that’s all that’s needed.

Some people might buy an instrument to be able to play just a little bit, maybe even just for a single song with their band or something similar, and if that’s the case they obviously want to spend as little as possible. However, if your goal is to become a great violinist, you should probably buy another violin.

- Low quality violin
- No shoulder rest included

4. Stentor 1401PK Harlequin

Stentor 1401PK Harlequin

You might ask yourself: “How can I make my child practice the violin more?” The answer is: Give him or her a violin in a cool color! This violin from Stentor is available in black, pink, blue and purple. It looks really good and will make playing the violin less like a chore, more like something to look forward to when they come home from school. Your kid will have the coolest instrument in the orchestra!

A lightweight grey case is included as well as a bow. This violin is a 3/4. This is a good violin for a kid that will upgrade to a full-size violin in a couple of years but want to have some fun before investing in a proper violin that might not look as cool. We would recommend this violin for kids that hate practicing and need some encouragement, if you have a youngster that is ambitious and is really serious about their music you should probably look elsewhere and get a better sounding violin. Every kid has different needs!

+ Epic colored violins available in: black, pink, blue and purple
+ 3/4 violin
+ Bow and case included

- Squeaky sound
- No shoulder rest included

Why We Liked It - We have a feeling that if violins like this one were around 20-30 years ago there wouldn’t be so many adults regretting that they stopped playing when they were children and grew tired of the violin. It’s available in black, pink, blue and purple, meaning that no matter if your child is a rocker, a princess, a clown or a bohemian there is a color that will make him or her practice more.

Sure, it’s not the best sounding violin on the market, but it’s definitely more than just a toy, it’s a tool that will help your kid practice more often and eventually, when your kid has become an accomplished violinist and you upgrade to a proper violin, you will finally be able to enjoy beautiful tunes from your personal musician and it will all be worth it!


5. Cecilio CVN-300

Cecilio CVN-300

Number five; the Cecilio CVN-300 is next up! Cecilio violins come with many extra things included! You get two (!) bows, a good rosin, an adjustable shoulder rest, an extra bridge, a chromatic tuner and a lesson book and it’s strung with high-quality D’addario Prelude strings.

It’s available in 4/4, 3/4, 1/4 and 1/2 and it has a nice antique varnish finish.

This is a violin that offers incredible value for money, since you don’t only get so many extra things, but also a pretty good and playable violin. The manufacturer seems to be confident that it’s a good violin since they offer a 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

It’s obvious that they have done all they can to make a good violin with everything you need to get started for an affordable price while not compromising on quality, which, to be honest, is quite rare. In other words; a really good violin for beginners that will make it easy for you to get started.

+ Available in different sizes
+ D’addario Prelude strings
+ 1-year warranty
+ Everything you need to play included

Doesn’t seem to be any!

Why We Liked It - We love this entry level violin, and we love the stuff that comes with it. It’s clear that they’ve had complete beginners in mind and they have included everything you might need, even a tuner and a violin lessons book! Buying this violin makes everything easier since you won’t have to hunt for any additional violin accessories!

The strings are really good, which is amazing for the price since strings are really expensive, and having two bows included is just amazing.


6. D Z Strad Model 100

D Z Strad Model 100

Next up is this D Z Strad Violin. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s hardly a Stradivarius, but it is a perfectly fine beginner’s violin! The tone is full and nice and the instrument feels like high quality. It even has gold plated fine tuners! This is definitely on the top violin brands for beginners!

The violin has D’addario strings and rosin, which is a good violin brand. It’s available in many different sizes, so it’s a good option for both kids and adults. A case and a bow are included, but you will need to buy a shoulder rest elsewhere. The fingerboard, pegs and chin rest are made from ebony, solid wood that is naturally black.

We would especially recommend the smaller sized violin, since you might want something cheap but playable when your kid still is growing, but when it’s time to buy a 4/4 you might want to invest a little bit more, since that’s the violin they will hopefully have for the rest of their life.

Buying a 4/4 for an adult beginner who doesn’t really know how long their newfound hobby will interest them is of course perfectly fine too, and this would be an excellent option in that case.

+ Available in different sizes
+ D’addario strings and rosin
+ Case and bow included
+ Affordable
+ Ebony fingerboard

- No shoulder rest included

Why We Liked It - This is a good basic beginner’s violin that gives you what you need to start playing, but perhaps not much more than that. It sounds ok and feels ok and it does what it’s supposed to, and a bow and a case are included so that you can start playing right away.

One thing that we like is that the strings and rosin are from D’addario, so they’re high quality. You won’t have to replace them in at least a couple of years, and the same goes for the rosin, it’s really good.


7. Aileen Solid Wood Ebony

Aileen Solid Wood Ebony

Number seven is the Aileen Solid wood Ebony! This is a very nice-looking violin that any beginner would be happy to have! The tone is nice and the general feeling the violin gives you is pleasant. A bow, a shoulder rest, a hard case, a rosin and stickers for your fingerboard are included.

The case is water-resistant, which is great since the violin needs to be kept dry at all times- no more running in panic to try to save your instrument! It can be carried with the handle or as a backpack, which makes it easy to bring with you when travelling. It also has a big pocket for you sheet music, which is very convenient. The strings are from D’addario and enhance the tone of the violin.

This is the perfect violin for any beginner and is available in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4. No matter which size you need this violin is beautifully hand carved and will give you the confidence of a true violinist.

+ Available in different sizes
+ Bow, shoulder rest and rosin included
+ Hard, light-weight, water-resistant case
+ D’addario strings
+ Solid wood Violin

- Hard to find any!

Why We Liked It - It’s hard to go wrong with this violin. It’s everything you need as a beginner. The violin itself is very good value for money and has a nice tune, the bow is ok, especially for a beginner, and the case will give your violin good protection since it’s hard and water-resistant. This is really important since the violin is very sensitive.

The violin is available in different sizes, so no matter if you’re looking for a violin for your kid or yourself, this is a great choice!


8. ADM Hand Carved Wooden

ADM Hand Carved Wooden

Next up is a violin that is a real beauty queen - the ADM Hand carved Wooden. It looks amazing with its dark varnish and is definitely one of the best-looking violins, not only on this list, but also probably in the world. If you want to own a violin that instantly makes you look like a better violinist, stop looking- you’ve found it!

This violin is available as 1/2 or 4/4 and a lightweight case, a bow, a rosin, fingerboard stickers, a polishing cloth and an e-tuner are included. Make sure that you use the polishing cloth after every time you’ve played the violin so that it will stay shiny and nice.

The fingerboard, pegs and chin rest are all made from ebony, and for a beginner’s violin the instrument feels high quality. The manufacturer seems to believe that it is good too, since they offer a 1-year warranty, which they wouldn’t do if they didn’t know it was good.

+ Beautiful, dark varnish
+ Bow, case, e-tuner, rosin, polishing cloth and fingerboard stickers included
+ 1/2 or 4/4
+ 1-year warranty
+ Ebony Fingerboard

- Strings could be better

Why We Liked It - This is a really nice violin that looks amazing and sounds pretty ok too. A bow is included, as well as a lightweight case, a rosin, a polishing cloth, fingerboard stickers and an e-tuner. This is a really good violin for any beginner who wants a beautiful violin that makes it a joy to play. It has a 1-year warranty and chances are you will keep this violin for much longer than that!


9. Cecilio 4/4CVN-EAV+SR

Cecilio 4/4 Full Size CVN-EAV+SR

If you liked number eight but wish that it was just a little bit darker and more dramatic, take a look at this beauty! It’s really dark and will make all your fellow violinists jealous. There is just something about darker instruments that make them more appealing than the normal red ones, we’re thinking it’s probably just that they’re more unique, and everybody likes something special.

This violin is available as 3/4 or 4/4 and no matter which size you buy, a bow, a deluxe oblong hard case, a shoulder rest, a rosin and a bridge are included. The bow has unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair - pretty cool! The violin’s fingerboard, pegs, chin rest and tailpiece are made from ebony. One really good thing with the included case is that it has a hygrometer that measures humidity.

The tone of the violin matches the dark varnish and is very rich and full of life, and you’ll be protected by a 1-year guarantee that makes sure it stays that way.

+ Beautiful
+ Bow, rosin and shoulder rest
+ Case with hygrometer that measures the humidity
+ 1-year guarantee
+ Bow made from Mongolian Horsehair

- Strings could be better

Why We Liked It - This is a really nice violin and there are really two things that make it stand out among the others. The first thing is how the violin looks, which is really something special. The other thing is the case that has a hygrometer so that you can make sure that the air isn’t too dry for the violin. It’s really nice that it has a 1-year warranty and that a shoulder rest is included as well, something that you often have to buy separately.


10. Mendini MV300 Solid Wood

Mendini MV300

The last violin from Mendini is a fun one. It comes in many colors and sizes so that it can suit pretty much anybody. You can choose if you want it in black, blue, pink, purple, white, natural or antique and then you can get it as a 1/32, 1/16, 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or 4/4.

A lightweight hard case, a bow, a rosin, a shoulder rest, two violin bridges and an extra set of strings are included and the violin has a 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects in case something should be wrong with it.

It should be noted that if you want to become a brilliant violinist and practice an hour every day it might not be enough, but if you know that your violin won’t be played that much and you’re really just looking for a fancy toy then it’s perfectly fine. Not everything in life has to be super serious and remarkable, right?

+ Black, blue, pink, purple, white, natural or antique
+ Many different sizes
+ Case, bow, rosin, shoulder rest and extra strings and bridges included
+ 1-year warranty

- Strings could be better

Why We Liked It - This is a violin that works for easy violin music and for showing off to your friends that is if you have friends that are impressed by a pink violin for example. Everything you need is included, for example a bow and a case, and even extra strings, in case something should happen. Speaking of things that might happen, a 1-year warranty protects you against manufacturer’s defects.


1. Top Pick - Stentor 1400

Stentor 1400It’s time to take a look at our Top Pick! We like the Stentor 1400 since it’s available in all sizes except 4/4.

This means that if you have a kid that is starting to play the violin or needs to upgrade to a bigger violin, you can buy this violin with confidence.

It’s cheap and you’ll get a bow and a lightweight case with it. The first violin a kid needs is not necessarily an amazing one.


Some Suzuki-students actually start with a ruler taped to a little cardboard box and just focus on holding the violin properly for quite some time, and even after that the easy songs a beginner learns don’t really require a really good instrument, making it unnecessary to buy an expensive violin straight away.

It’s better to wait and see if your kid will continue playing before you invest, making this violin a good option.

The violin looks good and will make your kid feel like a true professional. Sure, the quality of this violin is nothing special, but the thing with musical instruments in general is that you get what you pay for, and if you want a cheap instrument for a entry level violinist that might not play the violin anymore in a year or two, you will have to compromise a bit on quality. But that feels kind of ok, because it’s not like a kid starting to play the violin will play beautiful music anyway.

2. Premium Choice - Stentor 1550

Stentor 1550

Let’s take a look at our Premium Choice! This is the violin for an adult that has been wanting to play the violin their entire life and have decided that this is the time when the dream comes true!

As an adult you will want a violin that you can use at least for a few years before you upgrade to a more expensive instrument and you want one that really feels like a real instrument and not a toy.

This violin from Stentor is perfect for an adult beginner and has a fiery red color.

The sound is really good for a beginner’s violin, and it will allow you to actually play some beautiful music, once you’ve reached that level.

You will get a bow and a deluxe case to keep your violin in. Note that this violin model only is available as a full-sized violin, so it will only be appropriate for adults and teenagers, kids will have to find another violin.

There are even professional violinists that recommend this violin for beginners, and we think that says a lot, because most professional violinist tend to be a little bit snobby when it comes to instruments. This is a really good violin that would work well for any adult beginner!

3. Great Value - Crescent Starter

Crescent Starter You might have found yourself reading through our list thinking “Come on, I don’t care about amazing sound quality or fancy cases or branded strings, I just want a really cheap violin that works and doesn’t make me starve until the next pay-check.” Well, in that case, our Great Value option, the Crescent Starter is probably the right violin for you.

So, what’s good about this violin? The best thing about it is without doubt the price- it’s really cheap!

Another good thing is the tuner included, which is a very good thing to have as a beginner. A bow, a rosin and a case are included too, so the only extra thing you have to buy is a shoulder rest. Well, you don’t have to have a shoulder rest, but it does make your playing more enjoyable and comfortable.

This is the violin for a musician that doesn’t plan on using the violin very much but still wants to own one, or perhaps even just use it as an ornament at home, hanging on the wall or on a shelf. To be honest, it’s not a particularly good instrument, but it might be enough depending on what you are going to use it for.

We’re happy that there are so many violins in all price ranges, because it means that there is one for everyone, no matter what budget you have or what goals you have for your violin playing.